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Quality Machining Done Right.


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Having impeccable Quality is a prerequisite to all other business considerations in today’s increasingly competitive environment.


Here at GPMS, we continually strive to:


  • Exceed our customer's needs and expectations.
  • Earn customer loyalty by producing products of the highest Quality and value, delivered on time.
  • Improve of our technology, our products, our processes, our customer service, and our employee training.
  • Ensure our products comply with all customer specifications, requirements, and regulations.
  • Establish Quality requirements for employees, suppliers, vendors, partners, and contractors and hold them accountable to comply.
  • Deliver products that prove our dedication to Quality craftsmanship and leading-edge technology along with our commitment to deliver real value to our customers.
  • Throughout our company, each person is committed to producing a high-Quality product.
  • We want our customers to know that if it has been manufactured at GPMS, it is high-Quality, Every Time.



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